Made it to NZ!!!


What’s good everyone, wope ya’ll enjoying the summer!

I just ended my last week of sumer in Newport beach, SoCal and it was awesome! Celebrated my 21st birthday during the world premeire of The Education Of Style. It went super well, a bunch of people came out to watch the movie and it was sick! After that we went up to the Armada HQ to keep the celebration going and it was great, couldn’t have asked for more for my birthday so i was beyond STOKED! Also to add a very very special friend was out to celebrate the movie and my birthday, none other then Mickael Deschenaux and it was awesome to spend some time with him and talk about the past and the future! He is ILLMATIC!


Now we are in Wanaka, New zealand and are more then ready to go ski, it’s gonna be sooooooo much fun and i can’t wait! Im going to do 2 competition while being down here in NZ and film for a new edit with Phil, Tanner and T-seaton so can’t wait to do that! NZ is one of my favorite places in the world to ski at and film for edits so i’ve been looking forward for this trip for a while. Get that Muddy Winter feel again. STOKED! 1st day was super sickk and now we about to go out for our second day!

I will try to update my website as often as possible but we dont have any internet at the house so i will always have to do it from the lodge up at Snowpark!




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