No NZ Open Slopestyle only PIPE!!! =)

Yess everyone wope ya’ll doing good and having fun with what eva you be doing!

Im still down in NZ and having a AWESOME time, havn’t been able to take a single day off yet because the weather this year has been so good all the time and after not skiing all summer pretty much, tooo much FUN! 12days in row so far!

Today the quals for Slopestyle NZ open and it was sickk to see that many youngbloods go wild and throw toghter runs, tomorrow is semi/finals and i am invited to the semi’s but i actully decided to not do it. Because i havn’t really been jumping enough lately and i will do quiet a lot of slope contest this coming season so i’d like to take it easy for a few more days and get back on the jumps b4 i go to WILD. A very very good season a head so im stoked for that! But more fun is that i am going to compete in the Halfpipe event on saturday, i havn’t done that many pipe comps in my life but i’ve been skiing with the homies the past week and it has actully been really really fun! So im STOKED for that, not going to huck my self to crazy just have fun and try to put toghter a smooth stylish run! Can’t waiiit. Also gotta add, my homie Taylor Seaton stomped his very first dub12 in the pipe yesterday and it was sickkkk to see, so i think he will have a BIG chance to defend his title and winn the NZ OPEN PIPE 4 years in ROW!!!!! BIG UPS T-SUU…   

And here is a little edit of me and Tanner mellow shredding from the other day!!! FUN TIMES!!!!

Having a blast!

More updates coming so stay tuned in for more news!



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