Trip to Argentina

Peace everyone (this update was suppost to be out few days ago but slow internet in NZ delayed it)

So the trip started last Monday (sep 3rd) in Wanaka, Patrick aka FatPat from Sweden came and picked me up and drove me to the airport in Queenstown. Got there 3 hours before my flight to have extra time to make sure no stress with the checking in for my big trip ahead. First flight got delayted with a half hour from Queenstown to Wellington, and i had to re-check in when i got to Wellington since i was flying with Jetstar and they only check in you with their own flights. So when i got to Wellington little late they told me that i was to late to check in for my flight to Auckland and that they didn’t have any flights until 3pm and my flight from Auckland was leaving at 4pm so i told them that i wasn’t going to make it then. They were not going to help they said that i have to call my travel agent back in Sweden and get a new ticket etc. after me standing there and complaining that it was nothing i could do and that i easely would have made it if they would have just check me in right when i got there then they ”magiclly” found another flight to Auckland a 1pm. Got on that so i was STOKED! Made it to Auckland where i linked up with the NZ freeski team, they were on most of the same flights over to Argentina as me. After 11.30hours we were in Santiago where they had a 4hour layover and me a 8hour. No internet and not too much to do but meditate about the trip. Then finally at 9pm i boarded my flight to Buenos Aires got there at 11:30pm and my next connecting flight to Usuaia was leaving at 5am so i fighured that ”sleep” in the airport was more worth it then try to find a wutel and then get back to the airport in da morning. It went well, didn’t find any seat to sleep on so the ski-bag turned out being my bed. 

Next morning at 5 i linked up with the NZ skiers again and they had had a good night at their wutel so i got little jelous but was no matter very very STOKED to almost be at the final destination. After 4hours of wildness flying with turbulence  i finally made it! The weather was beautiful so i decided to go up skiing the vey first day when i got there even though the park/cource was not going to be open.

Turned out being very very incy so i was little afrid that it was going to be that hard the coming days. Got back down to the Wotel and when i was going to check in they told me i had to move to another wutel, after a hour of walking with the ski-bags trying to find my wutel (witch ended up being only 4 blocks away from the first place) i found it. It was awesome! I got to check internet for the first time in a couple of days so that was ILL. Later that evening it was riders meeting, medical meeting etc and since i was the only wun from Sweden i had to go to all those it was funny. Sitting there as the team captain, TM, athlete, physio… :D Linked up with my good friend Raf and we had dinner toghter.

Next morning was the first day of ”practice”, it was really sick but the cource was a little bit wilding at first, all the takeoffs were as poppy as aerials kickers but it was still very very fun! 

After the day all the coaches had a meeting to talk about how to fix the cource so it would be better, turned out very well. Later that afternoon it was a opening cermony were we had to walk in the town with our contry flag and get presented, it was funny, never did anything like that and most of the contries had like 5 + riders and coach etc. I was there by my self so it was sick! =) thru up the CC hand sign while being presented. Next morning we got to ski the cource for 2 more hours  then the chicklins had qualification, it was a bus going down while they had their quals but i decided to stay and watch the shortys to see how everything will work ones the comp is on and to see them gzkill the cource. It was nice everything from ill sw 7s, cork 5s to dubble twister spreads. :D

Later that night another meeting where they did the lottery for the starting order for the Men’s. I got in the 2nd heat witch was very nice i though since the 1st heat was at 9:30am and it was going to be more icy, 2nd heat at 11:30am witch was a little better. I also think the 1st heat was stacked with more ”know” skiers like Mcreea Williamz, Matt Walker, Kai Mahler, Djonas K, Alex B-M, Lolo Martin, Willie borm etc. and 4people from each heat qualified and then top 4 overall from both heats. 1st heat was ill everybody skied very well. Then it was time for my (2nd) heat, it went really well i stomped my first run and was able to gill and throw a style run for 2nd run. Ended up winning my heat with my mate WoodsI-nI in 2nd. Then a little break before for the final, it was super good maybe a little bit slower since the sun was out and it had gotten a bit slushier. Landed my first run good so fighured to step it up a little for second run and it went super well was able to tweeak my grabs harder then i had done all day but then last jump i did a right 9 and kinda underrotated little and cough a edge and fell over. It was all good tho i ended up getting 2nd and was BEYOND STOKED and super STOKED for Woodsy to winn. He murph it all day so he def deserved it! Big ups. First time for me to get on a podium in a slopestyle event for a little while so it felt very good! Wait is over… :D And to know that i only have to do 1 more event and place top 30 and i will forsure have a spot in the Olympics…. Pretty crazyy…. And big ups to KERI HERMAN for winning the girl comp!!! Boom  

After we had a sickkkk afterparty and everybody was very happy and it was super SICK and ill way to end the trip to Argentina! Wilding forsure.

Next morning i had to fly out, and was on the gzame flight as a couple other friends so that made it even better!!! =) Steel in the front Walker and Keri behind, me and Anna behind and Skodgen behind us!!! Illmatic. Then i had to say Peace to all cause they were all flying back to USA and i flu back to NZ. Yup NZ for 3 more days of skiing.. hah pretty wilding but now im here after another 36hours of travel. It was a SICKKKKK TRIP. PEACE


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