Scandinavia Movie Tour

Yo what’s good everyone! Wope ya’ll enjoy and having fun with what you are up to!

The past few days we have been up in Scandinavia for our INSPIRED THE EDUCATION OF STYLE euro tour!

And it has been a lot of Fun,

First stop of the euro tour was Stockholm, it was my 10th day of 2012 in Sweden so i was first off stoked to go home for one day, hear/speak the swedish launge for a little. We had the showing at Alpingaraget and a bunch of people showed up, about 400 so the skishop was packed! First when we got there they also had a ski rail-jam inside the shop, WILD! It was sickk to see that many skiers ski the setup! After watching that we had a signing session and it was craaazy how many people came to that.


It was going on for more then a hour and the line didn’t seeem to end ever. So fun to see that we influnce, inspire that many kids in Sweden!

After that we had the first showing of The Education Of Style, and it went really well, little to overexposed screen if anything so it was a little bit too white but whatever the people seemd to be stoked ayways! Then we went and got pizza, and i got to link up with a lot of my friends from Sweden, it was awesome! After that we went baack to the skishop for another screening for the movie! It went really well aswell, sound was loud but again little overexposed but it was sick! A lot of stoked kids came up and told us it was the illest movie of their life so we were beyond stoked to hear that!

After that we went back to my appartment in Sthlm with all the friend and kick it for a little. Very nice to hang with all my swedish homies.

Next morning we woke up early to go to Arlanda to fly to Oslo, Norway! Checking in at the Gold status buth they gave me a suprise, that you apperently only able to have 12kg for your ski bag,

12kg is only a pair of skis and poles basiclly. And they would not let me pay over-weight saying they only let 12kg ski-bags no matter. So they gave me a plasticbag that i packed all my gear from the skibag into. Worked out well though. Then a easy flight to Oslo, only 1h so it was awesome. After that 45min in a style bus with “MJ” bumpin the music!

After checking in we went over to “RÅ Sport” the skishop we were going to show our movie and it was nice to meet MArtin and the people.

For lunch, Phil, Raf and T went for some Sushi while i went across the road for some BOOOMB Kebab! =) it was very very good and I was full for hours after. Then we went back to the wutel to gill/rest up for a little before the premiere, did that and then it was time. Another suceesful showing and about 200 people showed up, another nice signing session and they seemed stoked!

Movie was playing nice, maybe little to much contrast to be picky but overall very nice!

After that we went for a nice dinner with the crew from Rå sport and after out for a mellow night at some bar. Fun times

me & FAT TANNER… hahaha

Day after we made a little interview thing for Friflyt and it went well. After we went to the airport to fly to Zürich, me and Raf went up to the SAS lounge and when we were done we went to our gate and saw this…

Phil and Tanner sleeping next to and under the seat at the gate… :D

Then we got on our flight to Zürich and it went supr good both me and Tanner had our own 3row for ourself so we were stoked!

Now we in Zürich getting ready for and then on monday the movie tour keeps going!



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