X-games 2013 recap

X-games this year was one of the best week of my life!

I was staying at Nicole and Greg from freeskier (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH) with the Armada crew, Alex Bellemare, Josh BIshop and Carley Campbell. IT was so nice, I was treating like a king and got helped with a lot of things!

The comps went as good as they could have possibly have gone.

The Bigar air:

I was able to winn it, it was my first medal in X-games and it felt super awesome to get a gold as my first! I hadn’t before going to X-games hit a jump bigger then 20ft since Dew tour breckenridge in early december. But i had more time then ever to think and fighure out what i wanted to get done/stomp at the X. I had planed on doing nosebutter dub 12 blunt, witch i was incredebly STOKED to learn in the qual run for the bigair. Also another trick that i had though about for most of the whole time in the van going around to all the east coast mountain was a nosebutter tripple. I knew we were going to see a couple of tripples in the bigair forsure so i wanted to come up with a trick that would be able to score higher then that. But i was hoping i was going to be able to winn with just a nosebutter dub 12 blunt because that has been my dream trick for the past 2-3 years. However, the qulis went SUPER well, i stomped every single trick as good as i’ve ever have and i had a bunch of FUN! I got a total of 91pt and that was ahead of everybody else (2nd was at a 88 i think) and tripples had been thrown etc. So i went up to Josh Bishop and had a quick little talk, I said “Im just gonna go in and do the exact same thing again, little bigger and better. But if peolpe start stomping real big tricks and beating out what i’ve done, then im gonna bring out the tripple that i told you about”. He was very hyped about my plan and put some confident and told me i could do it. 45minutes of gillin inbetween the quals and the finals so everybody went back to the athlete tent but i just stood at the bottom of the jump by my self and talk to my spirits up there and though thru everything i was going to do and how i was gonna do it. Also while you are in the comp its usally not that much time to think what to do because you gonna run upp the stairs and get another jump as soon as you have done your run.

Hover the comp started, and i open up with a nice nosebutter dubble cork 1080, went really good and i could feel the inspiration that i’ve gotten of Tanner Hall when i landed. it felt like back in the days for T. 2nd jump i did a nosebutter dub 12 with blunt, it went really good and at this point i already knew that i was gonna be up there so i was starting to get really exided and STOKED, got to the top and Tanner Hall, Vincent Gagnier and Taylor Seaton had joined me at the top. I asked Tanner, should i tripple the nosebutter and Tanner went to me naw dog, and poked at the screen and i saw my score of 91pt and the closes one to me was at 70 something so he told me, just have fun “show the wold you the illest and that you can do so many other tricks, your trick bag is un-matched”. Start of with another dub 12 but tweeek the safety, I went and did that. Never tried to tweeak it before but it went super well. Got to the top, “do a dub cork 7″ -Tanner. I was like, little bit scarry becasue nobody has carved the jump so its all pow on the side. But then i was like “its all good i’ve already done it in pow so this will be easier no matter what”. Tanner,Seaton and Vink agreed. Did it and it felt super GOOD! http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:8886258 Next jump i got up there and Tanner was like what about a rodeo with super tweaked safety, i was like SURE and very stoked to throw that trick. Turned it into a 10 and got a nice tweeak and landing so i was very hyped. Got to the top and Tanner goes to me, “you know what you have to do” Im like nah, “nosebutter tripple” (Full behind the sceen moment is captured from here) http://vimeo.com/58385052 !!!!! I couldn’t have been more STOKED to have Tanner Vincent and Seaton up the hyping me up getting me so stoked for it, THANK YOU FRIENDS! And then to go and try my very first tripple as a nosebutter tripple. Got a 50 for it so it was over… I was gonna get my first x-game medal and i was soooooooooooo STOKED! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhEYOxzWO5w&feature=player_embedded

SO STOKEDDD, went to press confirense and had to talk and it was very fun! Still in a lot of the to happy and stoked to even be able to talk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBiIhUI6jos

Henrik X-games podium 2013 HENRIK XGAMES GOLD podium

After a lot more fun and stokness i finally went back home, wasn’t able to really go on facebook because my whole page + home and everything was blown up by the last trick i had done, couldn’t go and seee anything else it was amazing!!! :D After i could go to sleep for a long while because of all exitment and happyness stokness. I had so much pain in my stomatch of all that it was crazy, but in a good way! Finally went to bed very late but was able to kinda sleep for 2 hours.

Woke up for the next day and it was time for

Slopestyle finals:

I was still beyond stoked and happy from what had happend the night before, but that made it even better for the slope, i was so relaxed and just happy, didn’t feel any presure at all, just another very awesome day in life! Learned two new tricks in the practice so that bosted my confident more (sw right cork 9, 10 blunt). But one thing that was a little harder was that it had snowed a lot the night before so the speed was a lot slower then it had been the past few days before, so i had to come up with a whole new line from what i was planning on but it turned out good and i was hyped for the comp. So the comp started, on my 1st run i fucked up on my nosebutter 450 on to the first rail, went little bit to close to the rail and hit both my rails before getting the spin. But did the rest of my run so that felt nice anyways. 2nd run went really well stomped a very nice run that i was super hyped on, by this tme it was forsure enough for me. I wasn’t gonna get a podium spot or anything but i had landed a good run that i was stoked on and was still super crazy stoked from the bigair. but then it was time for the 3rd run, I was able to put down my best ever slopestyle run!!!! I uped my rails by doing nosebutter 450on pretzel 450 out and then the same run but cleaner then I had done all day and then threw a nice nosebutter dub 12 blunt on the last jump witch I was super hyped on!!! Score came in and I got a 92.33 and that was enough for 2nd place!!! I WAS STOKEDDDD! I t was crazy I had earned another medal and this time a Silver. I was sooo stoked, I had still 100% podium every single comp I have done 7/7…


HH X-games podium silver Henrik cork7 blunt Henrik cork 3 maad

Got done with all the press and everything and it was fun again.

After packed up my bags went out to a party until 3am and then straight from that got a ride with Kyle Decker and Chris OC to Denver airport to catch my 8:50am flight. Kyle killed the drive and we got there in time.

Then a mellow day of flying to Detroit to link up with the crew for more INSPIRED DEMO TOUR!!! We had a nice signing session right when I got into Detroit so that was sick!!! Now we back on the mission!

Also will have a behind the sceen video that i filmed during the week with my GOPRO!




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