Inspired Demo Tour – Timber Ridge

IT was AWESOME! after the week at x-games t was awesome to get back to Michigan to link up with the crew for more demo touring!

Timberidge was my first stop and it was super nice! The mountain was suppost to be closed because of the rainy weather but Luke and Amy opened the mountain for us. They had 2 diffrent parks with tow-roaps that were really fast! Some real nice rails and one sick jump! Paul and Emil filmed and killed it super hard!

Bild 17



up down up down

up down up down

We shredded for a little while, then went inside to do some poster signing and take a bunch of photos with the kids! A ton of stoked kids came out and shredded and was really stoked! IT was super super awesome, after we had some dinner we were going to go out shred but it started to ice-rain so we decided to call it a day!

I am so stoked to be back on the tour! INSPIRED TO DA WORLD


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