Breck Dec.21

Today was the last day skiing in Colorado of this year (2013) and it was another awesome day in life!

It was very cold but it was still a very good time skiing, Brandon, Niklas and I where mostly hiking two rail features and Stoudgen Emil GRanöö captured all the action. Yesterday we filmed at keystone a bit so a new edit from the two days will drop pretty soon!

Screenshot (135) Screenshot (136) Screenshot (137) Screenshot (138)

Also very great to see other homies like Candide, Chowens, Vark up on the hill kill it!

After skiing we went hang out with Mr Dan, Mrs Joy Warnick again and it was very awesome as last time. I used to always stay at their house when i used to come to CO so I try to go see them as much as I can, and to give thanks for the love, and everything they have helped me out with during all the years! THANK YOU! Also got my first christmas present from them witch  was AMAZING, one of Toms favorite flannel. And i will forever wear it and remember it. Thank you again! Thinking of him everyday and dedicate every run to you bud! ONE

Tammy RIP

Tomorrow of to Mammoth to link up with the crew out there!

Check back soon!

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