Colorado Jan.12


Life is soooo good in Colorado, living it to the max at Liams spot!

The finals for the world cup got cancelled due gnarly conditions so was not able to do a final run witch i would have loved to.

The day after we went out with the sled to go ht a down ledge but it got a little too late so we didnt en up hitting it but it was great to be outside in the BC again!

Today we were gillin pretty hard, watch bunch of ill ski movies and then went and had a AMAZING dinner with Joy Warnick and her brother Marc! And it was super nice, gorgeos potatoes, chicken and lamb! Thank you very much!

Tomorrow we gonna go and ski pow and start filming for my new movie that will drop this coming fall “Road To Zion”. STOKED

Also make sure to check out on thursday a new B&E show will drop from the fun skiing at Mammoth this pre season!

Wope ya’ll doing good and enjoying, living it up to the fullest everyday!


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