Sochi Russia Feb.2

So I have now arrived in Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympic Games!

It feels pretty crazy to finally be here after all the hype around this one event for so long but I gotta say that it has gone over my expectations so far… First of the mountain is one of the illest mountain ive ever been to, the gnarliest/illest lines of pow shred that ive ever seen of a gondola and the whole mountain has rollers everywhere. The course is looking amazing and might be the best slopestyle corse ive ever seen in my life. The schedule is definitely the best ive ever seen for a competition with 3days of practice then a brake for 2 days then another 3days, so there is going to be some INSANE runs thrown! The hotel, food, people and vibe around here has been awesome so LIFE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD! Loving it.

Lets hope everything keeps going this way and im gonna be happy to say that this is the best orginized “real event” that ive ever been part of. And as this is the 36th chamber for me to the complete the full cipher. Then i’ll be ressurected again and will continue the mission to learn to use the 12 jewels.

Word up so life is good, stoked for another day of skiing tomorrow!


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