Sochi Russia feb.3

Today was another extremely beautiful day in Russia and it was time for the first official practice for the event.

The whole course was really sickk, huge jumps and some nice rails. Definitely got the mind going for what run i wanna work towards so now i just gotta play it smart and think before i make my move like in a game of chess. ;) Also stoked to get my bib today with a number of 25, 2 as in wisdom and 5 – power and together 2+5= 7 witch is God (supreme mathmatics).

Really thankful for everyone whos spreading the positive energy out there, can feel it and it helps a lot. Instead of only seeing the bad part with this event, but how can you say it is this and that and bad for the sport when it has not affected it in a bad way yet. And if you aint there to make a change no one will. We only do it for the money?! Im doin it to showcase our awesome sport to a bigger audience and to make sure its being shown the way I see it. Imagine growing being like 11yrs old and never really heard about this sport and are into other extreme sports like skateboarding and such, snaps by the channel with the event going down… Show them the sport in the illest way. And no matter what, it is in olympics so lets make the best out of it and keep it pure and free as it always has been, it is possible. And I gotta add that events like xgames i think might be worst as far as “sell out”, as ive been to both and for X its all about what is best for a story/commercials. They didnt even want to film any of my friends at the finish coral because they wanted moms or girldfriends, “makes a better story and better for the people watching”… Then they have a limit inbetween the jumps so they have to be really close to eachother otherwise people apperently switch channel. No hate towards X because i still really love, enjoy it and dont mind all this stuff but there is not like that here, we are insoulated here so no media is even allowed to do anything with us until the events really, the jumps are BIG with long distance inbetween and in a really good shape etc.

Anyway no need for me to waste more energy explaining this but yea. I would be stoked to see everyone just focus on your own instead of take the time and energy on negativity… Use all that to better your life, skiing or what ever you are into. 2014 is a good year so lets spread love peace and happiness instead!

One love

tao of wu

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