Sochi, Russia feb.6

Today was a day, and it was really good.

No practice for the skiers since it was snowboard qualification. Me, Oscar and Jesper were there to watch it go down and to support our doods from Sweden, Sven Thorngren & Niklas Mattsson. It was a great show packed with tons of incredible variations of tricks. It definitely hyped and siked me up to go and compete in the course next week seeing them all go big and stomp some insane runs. Even had some time to analyse the course more and fighure out more things to make my run a bit better. Big ups to everyone that made finals and good luck to the rest that have semis on saturday morning! It gonna be sick to see whats going down for the finals since that was only qualifications and people were going nuts!

After the qualis me and Anders took the gondola down to the lower village to check that one out and i did a little interview thing for TV4 (a big tv channel in sweden) and then we went to grab some MCdonals! IT was probably the best MickyDees ive ever had so i was pumped! Afer that we just headed up to our village again and then again the amazing sunset came. Beautiful.

Tomorrow we got a little bit of practice in the morning and then we got the opening cerimonies witch should be interesting but fun! Definitely will be something to remember my whole life! wieeeeeeeew

Life is really good here in Russia!


sneacky russian

sneacky russian

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the most style room

the most style room

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