Russia, Sochi feb 9

Not that much crazy shii happend today as we didnt have practice and I didnt go ski.

But i did watch the ski downhill race witch was cool, they are going so fast and goes so big of all the rollers! Maad! Unfortunately my favorit for todays race didnt do that well, Bode Miller. But a stoked Austrian dude did.

After the downhill I watched girls snowboard slopestyle final. It was pretty cool, Jamie Andersson definitely murphed the whole comp but i felt bad for Anna (qualified 1st), got told to go or something and then had to stop right before the first feature because the cameras was not ready, and then run around, stap back in and then take her run.

Then i went skateboarding for a little while, and after a bike ride for a while with some gooooood music bumpin!

Super mellow day but really nice to get prepared for the madness thats coming the next few days and i feel more ready and siked to go try get it done then ever!


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