Olympics review

Yessir so here is my last update from Sochi, russia, olympics 2014!!

It has been absolutly amazing to experince this the past two weeks and ive had a really awesome time. The vibe has been great, weather, course and everything else have been sooo good.

At the end i didnt end up doing as well as i would have liked to when it come to the placement in the comp but, i definitely landed the best slopestyle run ive ever done. So i cant be more then STOKED about that. Was hoping for a higher score as i though the run was very uniq and had a lot of very technical parts in it, but its up to the judges and i cant affect their thoughs.

But it has been amazing to see all the fantastic feed back from everyone included my very favorite skiers that though i deserved a  podium spot even though the hand touch witch makes me sooo happy. And after now watching my run i think the touch added into my style as i dont really look, want it to be all perfection, like how gymnastics is… i want to add little extra flavour, little grimmyer then your typical. I know thats not the best for the contest criteria but for film the grim is good! :D But maaad propps to everybody out there their thing,Joss killed it so hard and i am so happy for him. big ups brotha


And as i was hoping to cause the ruckus with how i dress and look tp make an impression on peeps that everybody is diffrent and can dress like they want in our sport cought the social media on fireeee. ive seen sooo many diffrent big medias post about it witch is awesome, hate and possitive, i like it all! But one that was a lot better then anyother was…. WU TANG CLAN!!! they posted a link on their facebook fan page and website a clip of me when im shooutin them out. it is unbeliveable sickkkk. wicked, maad, sick, crazy!


(46k shares) http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/02/dreadlocked-swedish-skier-wants-you-to-know-wu-tang-is-for-the-children/

Awesome homie gon wild watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5AJKFI5ERyw

http://wutangclan.com/2014/02/14/swedish-olympian-henrik-harlaut-throwing-up-wu-tang-sign-and-yelling-wu-tang-is-for-the-children/ Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 6.43.32 PM - Copy 600 (1) 600 (2) 600 (3) 600 (4) 600 (5) 600 (6) 600 (7) 600 (8) 600 (9) 600 1653743_545439238896763_1661499852_n Harlaut - Copy

d0110 f0 g01d


didn’t get a gold, but artist Kilian Amendola made this awesome t-shirt for me!  you can get it at the above link


still a broken keyboard that i will fix when i get home!!

back to swe tomorrow

peace russia it was a blast


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