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Hello there!

Just finished a few AWEOSME days in Kläppen sweden for a Armada shoot organized by my good friend and team mate, Kim Boberg!

It was probably the nicest park shoot i’ve been part of, we had the whole park just for ourself and a super fast lift running so no sled laps was needed.

Weather was great for the whole shoot aswell so we we’re shooting from 3pm until 9pm. Learned a few new tricks and stacked a few shoots for my segment in the Armada movie and for “Road To Zion”.

Also Kläppen had hooked it up with a BOMB house for us all to stay at with 14 beds and 2 big living rooms etc. BIG THANKS!

Screenshot (89)Screenshot (92) Screenshot (75)


Yesterday we left left to the northen part of Sweden, Riksgränsen, and we are hyped to be here. Tons of snow and the forecast is looking really good ahead! Gonna be here for the next month so im stoked!

Even got to go out for a quick shred today to check out the mountain.

HH riks första dagen 2 HH riks första dagen

I will try to do as many updates as possible while im up here but im not gonna be able everyday since from the 16th – 30th i will be living/camping in a tent on the mountain to be able to be on the mission like indiajones! :D This is the last trip for me for this season so im really hungry to stack maad footage hopefully!

Pictures by Daniel Rönnbäck & Emil Granöö https://www.facebook.com/danielronnbackphotography

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